The word 'gadget' according to Wikipedia is a small tool such as a machine that has a particular function and is related to today's fast-advancing modern age technology to create such gadgets. From elementary school, we have been taught of the importance of tools in our lives, how they help to make life easier and help us do things faster and in a more organized manner. Advancement in technology, however, has seen us move from the use of complex and rather large machines to simpler, handier ones. I remember coming across a picture on the internet a few years back, of a 5mb hard drive in 1956, being hauled from a truck, also taking note of a number of people who stood around in amazement. In today's world, however, a teenager wouldn't even think twice before transferring a 5mb file to a friend. This just goes to show how much has been done over the years. As these technologies improve and increase in importance, so does their importance in our individual life. Anyone can decide not to leave their homes and still get everything done for the day. You can do your grocery shopping and get it delivered, you can pay your cable television bills, light bills, carry out bank transactions and much more.

To Show You How Important Gadgets Are In Our Lives

I am going to create two scenarios and have you think through them.

Versatility: How does your day feel when you forget your smartphone at home? Suddenly you cannot remember all your tasks for the day because your phone does the reminding. Of course, you are running late for that meeting and it would be a great idea to drop a message, asking what floor it is, oops! Oh, you need to cancel that order you mistakenly input twice, your phone again!

Oh yes, it’s your anniversary and you forgot because Facebook reminds you every year. Just to add a little salt to the injury, your wife sent you that picture of her favorite perfume, it’s on your phone. You also tried to listen to that favorite track of yours to help relax your nerves, alas, that little phone basically does everything for you.

Compact: Your tablet, laptop, smartphone, external hard drive or USB device can comfortably fit into your bag, yet holding so much information that can sometimes make or mar you. Have you had the bad luck of losing all the files on your device? The worst experience.

Compatibility: You have this file on your iPhone, so your easily airdrop it to your MacBook, then store it in iCloud, and send the link to your brother in Russia. So easy isn’t it?
Gadgets are easily overlooked or underrated, yet, they could decide how your day goes, their importance cannot be overemphasized as humans now depend on them to function daily.

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When it comes to getting ideas by rubbing minds and discussion, brainstorming is at the forefront of my mind. As a technical writer, there are factors one needs to consider asides creating content to be put out. A deeper sense of commitment should be put to mind, where one is part of a team that comes up with ideas that go beyond just writing, but can be a solution to meet needs and caters to a greater cause. I first came across the concept of brainstorming in an English class, not only then did I realize I had been engaging in the concept without having any knowledge of it.

Before exams, I and some of my peers (about 7-10 of us) gathered in a class to discuss topics we had been taught, not necessarily to deliberate on the topic, but to find new angles and depths, which in turn helped us to have a better understanding. As a technical writer, brainstorming is a very efficient tool to help improve your knowledge base and thought process. The thing about brainstorming is that it exposes you to new fields, you hear someone else's view and quickly it latches on to a thought process in your mind and builds on that, to create something wider and more meaningful. As a serious technical writer, the brainstorming process is a very important tool that you must take advantage of. I do not know of any other platform that will expose your mind to so many fresh ideas that can quickly be adapted and put to good use.

Sometimes, you have an idea, and do not know how to express it exactly, brainstorming is very useful in instances such as these, because someone can say something along your line of thought that will, in turn, lead to the birthing of that idea you had. For brainstorming to be efficient, however, it needs to be done correctly. Improper brainstorming will only lead to conflict and ultimately confuse you. Here are a few tips. It should be done in groups of 5-10 participants. Assign a lead participant to help moderate the session. There should be an assigned time that must be strictly adhered to.

Assign someone to take down notes (Ideas can get lost in a sea of discussion). Make sure everyone gets a chance to speak. Steer clear of judgment or rejection of ideas, rather embrace constructive criticism. Ensure every idea is written down regardless of similarity. Keep to the topic being discussed, no digressions allowed. While making sure everyone can clearly see the ideas being generated, avoid discussing these ideas as they come up. Most importantly, keep suggestions simple and devoid of pride. After the session ideas should be collated properly and worked upon to select the best ones. A technical writer should be able to adapt oneself to the most recent tools of writing and place themselves in a position where your skills can easily be seen and honed to your advantage. Instagram is recently the biggest sales tool right now.

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